Industry Soundz Recording Studio was founded in 2014 after owner Michael Bailey identified a substantial need for a safe recording studio with a professional business-minded atmosphere. Located off Highway 7 and Main Street in Blue Springs, Missouri. Industry Soundz offers a high quality audio recording experience unmatched in the entire Midwest region. Launching our 2nd location Fall 2021 in Des Moines, Iowa. Industry Soundz provides service to all genres of music including hip hop, r&b and live sound.

As a student of all things music, Bailey as well as Industry Soundz employees have honed their engineering skills with the use of professional recording software such as Pro Tools along with an abundance of digital media plug-ins to maximize and optimize your recording needs and experience.

Industry Soundz is dedicated to bridging the gaps between all institutions of entertainment, from artist development, studio etiquette to promotions and live shows. As dedicated members of the music community Industry Soundz sponsors events open to the community such as talent showcases, networking events and workshops. Industry Soundz is your one stop shop for everything musical.

Mission Statement

Industry Soundz is more than just a recording studio. As a blacked owned business and a professional musical institution, we aim to provide the best and safest service in the Midwest for you to fulfill your musical needs and live out your dreams in a relaxed atmosphere.